HOH abroad

hey, babes -- allie here! I've spent the last week galavanting through europe and thought I would share some HOH necessities that saved me during this trip! I hope you enjoy!

xx. AB

rule of traveling #1:

(in store only)
for the sake of keeping my suitcase under 50 lbs, I only packed one stack. It was HARD, but my natural wooden BPD bracelets are my favorite go-to! I mean, you always need to have an arm party, right?

rule of traveling #2


the light eye struggle is real for this blue eyed girl. we spent so much time adventuring outdoors, that I would have been miserable without my TOMS sunnies.

rule of traveling #3

(or 5 or 6 because you are going to lose one, if not all of them)

just for a second, forget this delicious cone of gelato is even in the picture and note the almost insignifcant rubberband around my wrist. THAT RUBBERBAND IS NOT INSIGNIFCANT. trust me, when your walking 10+ miles a day, your going to want to get all that hair off of your neck. I'm OBSESSED with our By Lilla hair ties! why? because they are multipurpose! want a bracelet? you got it. want your hair to look jazzier than it would with a black hair tie? you got it.

rule of traveling #4


working in a shoe store, you would think this would be easy for me. but, it wasn't. I was advised against packing my super cute booties (not conducive for walking 10+ miles a day), but instead, a pair of tennis shoes. thank goodness my boss babe looks out for my well being and talked me into these TOMS tennies! literally, one of the best decision I've ever made. I was able to walk the 1,710 steps to the top of the eiffel tower with ease! HA! that was a joke. I layed on the ground to take this picture instead. 

A MEMORIAL weekend in Miami


Hi babes! Allie here.

Let me take you to the 305. But first, thanks to my boss babe who lets me travel the world in exchange for cool instagram posts. If you have never visited Miami, YOU SHOULD. It is my fav city -- bursting with art & music. I feel so alive when I'm there! This post is technically supposed to be about shoes, so I am going to highlight a few MUST SEE spots in Miami without getting carried away! 


SOUTH BEACH. no lack of character there! Miami has SO. MANY. beaches that you can visit, but its most famous (and my personal favorite) is South Beach. From the life guard stands to the neon lights that shine upon Ocean Drive at night, bright colors are EVERYWHERE. So, of course, I had to bring my Avanti "Resort" sandals. Shop them HERE! Being the Atlanta Hawks fan that I am, I was super stoked that my basketball jersey matched my sandals! Obviously, it doubled as a fantastic coverup. Surprisingly, I got more fan love than hate. Go Hawks!

WYNWOOD. Where are my artists at?! Need a little inspo? Wynwood is THE place to go! I was an art major in college, so I try to find something art related in every city I visit. Girls, this is the most amazing neighborhood in all of Miami. No joke! Art walls have gained popularity in recent years, but how about a whole neighborhood full of vibrantly decorated walls? I mean, the sides of shops, restaurants, and homes are decorated with elaborate paintings. It will blow your mind! I could go on and on, but back to the whole "work" part of this post. 

LAYERS on LAYERS of BPD. Betsy is my girl & I don't go anywhere without her jewels (oftentimes, too many of her jewels). You probably shouldn't either. The Wynwood Walls made the perfect backdrop to show off her fabulous designs! Stop by the store to shop our HUGE selection of Betsy Pittard Designs. 

LAST CALL. These booties, y'all. I'm obsessed & most babes in Miami were too! I can't tell you how many times that I got stopped.  Matisse never disappoints, but the "Last Call" is in on another level.  I'm telling ya, YOU NEED. Shop HERE! You can thank me later! 

NIKKI BEACH. Take a little lunch break in style at this award winning restaurant and cabana bar! OMG, the food. Its oceanfront location is perfect when you need a little break from the beach. Keep your eyes open for a celeb sighting! It is a poppin' spot. 

EMPOWERED. As you can tell from my super worn out sandals, I've gotten my wear out of these babies! If, for some crazy reason, I could only have ONE summer sandal, the Dirty Laundry "Empowered" sandal would be the ONE. It's a great throw on & go sandal! Shop HERE!

COLLINS AVE. What's a vacation without a little shopping?! Obviously, everything except shoes. HOH is were it's at! DUH. Enjoy the beautiful white buildings along this stretch of Miami. Collins Avenue is home to stores like Free People, MAC, Victoria's Secret and the famous DASH (owned by those semi-famous sisters). 

EFFIE. Free People is another brand that never disappoints -- comfort + style. What more could you want? I pranced all around Collins Avenue in my favorite Free People heels! Shop the "Effie" HERE!

I'm already wanting to go back! Who's in?!

We want to know where your HOH shoes are taking you this summer! Shoot me an email at allie@headoverheelsmacon.com to be featured on our website, Facebook, IG, and more! Include pictures + a description of your adventure.

Thanks x a million for following along!

xx. allie

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